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It is our privilege to offer you excellent service.

Aquatic Solutions, LLC offers a comprehensive list of professional pool services to Central Maryland and the surrounding area. While the mainstay of our business is maintenance and renovation of residential pools, our list of services include leak detection, professional water chemistry analysis, trouble shooting and much more. Your Aquatic Solutions technician will perform each service with professionalism and quality that is unparalleled.


Our retail location and showroom offer a full line of BioGuard Pool and Spa chemicals as well as floats, toys, and products that enhance your swimming experience. We also offer free computerized water analysis with BioGuards newest, most sophisticated Spin Lab. Our staff is always on hand to answer questions, offer professional advice and provide you with excellent customer service.

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We offer a pool opening package to meet the needs of every customer. After reviewing the opening packages available, please complete your Opening Request. A member of our Aquatic Solutions team will contact you to schedule your pool opening at your convenience.

“When will my pool be ready for swimming?”

This is the most common but most difficult question to answer for professionals each year. Keep in mind there are a number of factors that determine how long a pool takes to be swim-ready. A general rule of thumb is; the earlier you open and the later you close minimize the amount of time the water remains stagnant in warmer conditions. Our weather plays a key role in the condition of your pool water at opening. Most pools are swim-ready in 5 to 10 days. However, depending on when you closed your pool, when the pool is opened, the weather and your specific backyard environment you should allow 3 weeks prior to any pool party plans when scheduling your pool opening.

As always, we are happy to schedule your pool opening right over the phone.


Nothing is as important to your backyard investment as professional winterization. Please complete your Closing Request and a member of our Aquatic Solutions team will contact you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. As always, we are happy to schedule your pool closing right over the phone.

Keep in mind, chemical processes continue to take place in your pool water even after winterization. This is particularly true in the months immediately following pool closing and immediately prior to pool opening as the stagnant water temperature is still well above freezing. Once monthly chemical maintenance is extremely important to the integrity of the pool surface and the condition of the water at time of opening. Please contact us for additional information.


Aquatic Solutions offers complete leak detection services for all pool types. Leaks in a swimming pool or the plumbing surrounding it can be frustrating and costly. Using the most advanced technology allows us to find a “pinhole” leak or one of greater consequence and make the repair to stop water loss. Pricing varies depending on the type of leak detection services your pool requires. Please contact our office for additional information and pricing.



Regular weekly maintenance provides the foundation for a healthy swimming pool. Without regular maintenance to ensure that the water is balanced and that the filtration and circulation systems are working properly, your swimming pool may not be safe from harmful disease and bacteria. We offer a variety of maintenance options, performed by well-trained service professionals.


Our renovations experts can offer a variety of solutions to address the needs of an aging swimming pool. From replastering or liner replacement to altering the design of the swimming pool and surrounding area, Aquatic Solutions can breath new life into your backyard. A member of our professional team will meet with you to discuss all aspects of your project, offering professional advice and a free estimate.