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Pool Closings

Pool Closing Packages for 2021

When the season is coming to a close, closing your pool properly is paramount to ensure that nothing is damaged during the winter months. At Aquatic Solutions, we take the guess work out of pool closures so that you can relax!
Gold Plan
Add winterizing shock and algaecide
Lower water to winterizing level
Remove all drain plugs and winterize pool equipment
Blow out plumbing lines and install customer’s winter plugs
Add pool safe antifreeze to skimmer
Install customer’s winter safety cover

    Additional Charges

    • PCC $50 per dome, max of $100
    • Spa Closing $50
    • Raised Wall $40
    • Deck Jets $50
    • Additional system $150 (includes spa upcharge)
    • Additional pump $30
    • Tarp Cover $100