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Pool Resurfacing

Is your pool beginning to show wear and tear?

It might be time for a pool resurfacing. At Aquatic Solutions, we’re experts in rejuvenating pools, bringing back that smooth, stunning finish that will make your aquatic oasis feel brand new.

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Signs it’s Time for a Pool Resurfacing:

  • Surface Wear and Tear: If your pool surface feels rough or uneven, it’s a clear sign that the original
    finish has worn down. Resurfacing will restore that smooth, enjoyable texture.
  • Stains and Discoloration: Stubborn stains and discoloration can be more than just cosmetic issues—they can indicate deeper problems with the pool surface. Resurfacing will eliminate these blemishes and restore a fresh, uniform appearance.
  • Cracks and Structural Issues: Cracks in the pool surface can lead to more significant structural problems if left unaddressed. Resurfacing not only repairs these cracks but also reinforces the structural integrity of your pool.
  • Outdated Aesthetics: If your pool’s appearance feels outdated or no longer matches your style, resurfacing provides an opportunity to choose a new, contemporary finish that complements your vision.
During Project

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You get to choose from a variety of high-quality resurfacing options, including durable plaster, smooth aggregate finishes, or luxurious tiles. Our team will guide you through the project and selection process from start to re-finish!

Bring your pool back to life!

Contact us today for a free estimate and let our experts guide you through the process of resurfacing your pool.

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