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Pool Opening

Pool Opening Packages for 2023

Pool season comes fast, but opening your pool should be anything but a rush. There are a lot of things to check off of the list during a pool opening, and it’s important to ensure that everything is done correctly. At Aquatic Solutions, we take the hassle and rush out of pool openings so that you can focus on what matters – enjoying your pool!
Gold Plan
Remove winter plugs
Install ladders & handrails
Install baskets and clean skimmers
Install equipment plugs
Brush tile and pool
Start filtration equipment
Remove and stow cover
Sweep/blow off deck
Start filtration equipment
Check equip for leaks and functionality
Vacuum up to 20 mins
Electronic Water Analysis
Adjust water chemistry (add charge for chems)

    Additional Charges

    • Additional System $75
    • Additional Pump $30
    • Deck Jets / Laminar Jets $30
    • PCC / Floor Cleaning System $40
    • Raised Wall $30
    • Spa Opening $50
    • Coping Cleaning $75