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Pool Opening

Pool Opening Packages for 2024

As the weather warms and the sun beckons, it’s time to welcome back the joy of swimming and relaxation. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you get ready for that first dip.

However, while summer’s heat arrives quickly, opening your pool shouldn’t be rushed. There are a lot of things to check off of the to-do list before you dive in. At Aquatic Solutions, we handle the opening hassle and rush the hassle, leaving you free to focus on what matters – having fun in the water!

Gold Plan
Remove winter plugs
Install ladders & handrails
Install baskets and clean skimmers
Install equipment plugs
Brush tile and pool
Start filtration equipment
Remove and stow mesh cover
Sweep/blow off deck
Start filtration equipment
Check equip for leaks and functionality
Vacuum up to 20 mins
Electronic Water Analysis
Adjust water chemistry (add charge for chems)

    Additional Charges

    • Additional System $75
    • Additional Pump $30
    • Deck Jets / Laminar Jets $30
    • PCC / Floor Cleaning System $40
    • Raised Wall $30
    • Spa Opening $50
    • Coping Cleaning $75
    • Remove Solid Tarp Cover $100

    Our dedicated team of experts takes great pride in assisting you with every step of the opening process. Their attention to detail sets us apart. From removing covers and winterizing plugs to carefully inspecting equipment and balancing chemicals, we make sure every aspect of your pool is ready for a season of safe and refreshing swimming.

    Get in touch with us to learn more and secure your spot on our schedule. We look forward to being your partners in making this pool season the best one yet.